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    The best way to get to know what it's like to own an LBE Book is to buy one.   The second best way is to read what those who have one say:

    "Your book has been a tremendous help to me. What I have accomplished in two days would have taken two months. This is exactly the book I was hoping someone would is the most useful book on the market." - Richard T., Georgia

    "I've really enjoyed the Basic Digital Design with Verilog book --  a good example of  'teaching by doing', just like it says." - Steve B., Illinois

    "I bought your book “Learning by Example Using VHDL with BASYS…
    You wrote a very nice book!" - Ed B., New York

    "I recently purchased your book 'Learning by Example Using VHDL - Basic Digital Design
    With a BASYS FPGA Board' and I am wanting to now purchase the 'Learning by Example Using VHDL - Advanced Digital Design With a Nexys-2 FPGA Board... the '... Basic Digital Design ...' is well done. It truly is a fast way to learn new technologies." - Patrick G., Ohio

    "I wish to enthusiastically thank you for writing the book: Learning by Example Using C - Programming the miniDRAGON-Plus2 Using CodeWarrior. I was tasked to produce some automated testing equipment & had several other books on the 9s12 / HC12 series devices.  None of them helped me nearly as much as your book. While I still consider myself a relative novice, I succeeded where almost certain failure would have resulted had I not found your functions for keypad/lcd /adc interfacing, among others." - Jeff M., Oregon



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