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    Richard E. Haskell is Emeritus Professor of Engineering in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering in Oakland University's School of Engineering and Computer Science.  He received his Ph.D. from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in 1963, and has been on the faculty at Oakland since 1966.  He has also worked in government laboratories at the Air Force Cambridge Research Laboratories and at the Johnson Spacecraft Center.  His research interests have included plasma physics, holography and coherent optics, pattern recognition and image processing, computer learning, and microprocessor applications and embedded systems.  In addition to his published research work, Dr. Haskell is the author of over thirty books and holds six patents.  He has taught numerous undergraduate and graduate courses including courses in microprocessors, embedded systems and digital design using VHDL and Verilog. Find more information at


    Darrin Hanna is Professor of Engineering in Oakland University’s School of Engineering and Computer Science.  Dr. Hanna received his Ph.D. in Systems Engineering from Oakland University in May 2003 after receiving the university’s three top awards in scholarship, mathematics and engineering.  A natural in the classroom, his roots in teaching start from being a supplemental instructor during his undergraduate studies.  Throughout his graduate studies, Dr. Hanna taught and created many courses and interactive laboratories as Lecturer and Visiting Instructor of Engineering.  His research interests include reconfigurable embedded systems, artificial intelligence, and problem-based learning in computer science and engineering.  His work in the classroom emphasizes creating a curriculum, environment, and teaching approach where students engage in different types of problem-based learning.  This has proven successful in undergraduate and graduate courses, both small and large. Dr. Hanna believes strongly in continuously incorporating the state-of-the-art from research and techniques used in the workplace into course materials and inspiring students to excel in communicating effectively and working in teams. 

    Complementary to his coursework, Dr. Hanna has also successfully transferred research into commercial applications, winning the Michigan Economic Development Corporation’s Michigan Commercialization Success Award.  He has taught numerous undergraduate and graduate courses in engineering problem-solving, microprocessors, reconfigurable embedded systems, and digital design using VHDL.  A member of IEEE and ASEE, Dr. Hanna actively contributes to the teacher-scholar community, winning the ASEE North Central Section’s best paper awards for three consecutive years and the 2007 IEEE Computer Society's Undergraduate Computer Science and Engineering Teaching Award.



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